The Women of Moody

The Women of Moody

The Women of Moody is a storytelling series. They are powerful stories of the challenges faced by women in this community and how they have and continue to navigate their way through the difficulties they have faced.

It took great courage and vulnerability to share their stories, but these incredible women feel it is so important to share their journey so that others will feel less alone in theirs.

Moody exists to support women's mental health and we are always seeking meaningful ways to do this. Primarily, we sell activewear and donate the profits to women's mental health charities. We also hold events to give women the opportunity to improve their wellbeing. We’ve done sea dips, meditation, journaling, yoga but fundamentally, these are all opportunities to connect with others.

Connectedness, or feeling connected to others, is a critical part of our overall wellbeing, which is why we feel that by sharing stories we can further our efforts in supporting women's mental health.

We hope that the stories you hear over the coming weeks help you to feel more connected, less alone, inspired to take better care of you and to reach out for help if you need it.

Gemma's Story

Losing her Dad to suicide.

Aliyah's Story

Rediscovering Her Identity.

Gemma's Story

Battling Adrenal Cancer

Kirsty's Story.

Overcoming Antenatal / Postnatal Anxiety & Depression

Phoebe's Story.

Living with Adenomyosis

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